Neighbours of Llanquihue and Cochamó participated in the Workshop of Vermiculture organized by Caleta Bay

Almost 50 residents participated in the Domiciliary Waste and Vermiculture Workshop, organized by the Environment and Community Development areas of Caleta Bay. The activity was carried out the first week of July, in order to inform us and recognize the times of decomposition of the waste.

Questions like ¿What is it?, Can I do it at home ?, They were part of the worries presented by the community in general. For this, Viviana Suárez, Vermiculture specialist, held a workshop where she explained how to make our own composter and how to reduce our waste by 50% by managing our organic waste.

The vermiculture, is the operation of breeding and production of earthworms, where we can obtain fertilizer of our vegetable waste. In this case, through the Californian earthworm, which produces humus, rich in minerals, vitamins and hormones.

"Compressing and decreasing our organic waste, we give a hand to our planet and provide nutrients to our land," said Viviana, who also explained that unlike the current worm, the Californian one is sedentary, so they stays and lives between 4 and 16 years old and his guano - the humus - is the best fertilizer that exists.

María Jessica Vargas, Head of Indigenous Affairs of Llanquihue, commented that "it was a very dynamic activity that helps us take care of our <ñuke mapu> - mother earth -, we learned in general about the changes of habits and how to contribute a bit to the ecosystem care".