Yes we can be a good neighbor

In August 2018, the Community Development area was created in Caleta Bay, under the responsibility of Eduardo Mas.
It begins from the desire to materialize in a concrete action our willingness to be a good neighbor. "Being a good neighbor means understanding that you don´t live alone, but within a community. To understand that, to have a nice coexistence, you must endeavor to carry out actions that contribute. We understand that these actions goes from being respectful and friendly until having a special care in make the least possible environmental impact. Also, for us is important to be always available to help and find solutions to common problems or needs."

During this first months, the main has been to establishing a relation with the community to get to know each other.

For this year and 2020 we are actively working with local foundations to develop 4 projects for link-up with the communities:

We are developing a project with “Huella Local”, a foundation that seeks the collection of demographic, social and communal information. With these findings, we will get an idea of the needs of our communities, allowing us to put together sundry projects. Then, together with the memebers of these ones, we can look for reach solutions contributing to the development and strengthening of our communities.

On the other hand, at the education side, we will work with “Enseña Chile Foundation”, which an agreement has already been signed, resulting in the insertion of a teacher for this 2019 at the “Los Andes de Melipeuco” High School, located at the IX region.

Also, we will develop a program in which we will participate actively to complement the training of technical high school students in the aquaculture career, managing tools and opportunities.

Finally, the foundation "Parent Child Home Program” will help us to work with children between 0 and 5 years old, in state of vulnerability and poverty, generating the opportunity for cognitive and emotional development at an early age. In this way the arrival to basic education will be faced with better tools. "What you learn as a child, joins you throughout your life," says Eduardo Mas.