Yes we can be a company recognized worldwide for our quality

In our mission to be a responsible and sustainable aquaculture company, our team has worked with high commitment to reach the most demanding international certifications.

In Caleta Bay we started the certification process in 2016, certifying 4 sea water sites in the BAP standard: Cascajal, Pucheguin, Costa Pucheguin and Farellones.

Today we have 3 freshwater centers certified BAP and GLOBALG.AP: Rupanco, Pitreño and Cululí, and 12 sea water sites with certification in both standards: Chilco, Calamaco, Playa Astilleros, Barquillo, Marimelli SCA, Pucheguin, Marimelli SCB, Cascajal, Cochamó, Costa Pucheguin, Factoría and Farellones.

This year, our goal is to incorporate new certifications to our processes: ASC and ISO 45001:2018, and re-certify us in ISO 9001:2015, as well in all freshwater and sea water sites in BAP and GLOBALG.A.P.

"The challenge for this year is huge, but we are committed to reach the standards of the most demanding certifications like the ASC. Now, we know that we can be efficient and aware with the environment, that we can be good neighbors in our communities and that we can be a sustainable company," says Aníbal Pérez de Arce, CEO of Caleta Bay.

The survey processes will begin in may and from now on, we appreciate the concern and commitment shown in each issue and we want to invite our team to continue working on the new challenges of this 2019.