El Teniente completed successfully the certification process 2019

Caleta Bay Export SpA (CBE), our Process Plant, started operations in 2015. With this, it was possible to standardize the elaboration of our products, which until that date were made in its entirety through maquila services outsourced.

"Since the beginning of operations, the management team has worked to position the Process Plant, as an establishment of the highest standard, which has been ratified every time it has faced a certification process." commented Cristhian Urra Plant Manager.

This is how in 2017, CBE passed its first test by certifying its process in the BAP standard and GlobaG.A.P. CoC, consolidating in step, the effort that the centers of fattening and freshwater had initiated and that today give to the company the possibility of commercializing products of three and four stars for the norm BAP.

The BAP certification was followed by BRC and IFS standards that allowed validation of the company's HACCP program in 2018.

As a complement to the Good Practices and Safety already certified, this year, Caleta Bay Export Spa added to the chain of custody requirements the MSC CoC certification, a period in which, in addition, it successfully surpassed the audits of the Costco Conduct private standard, where the category of "allowed" was obtained for the Hebrew and Muslim communities through the Kosher and Halal stamps respectively.

During June 2019, Caleta Bay Export SpA successfully concluded its annual recertification process for all the abovementioned standards. Cristhian Urra, took this opportunity to congratulate to all the employees and suppliers, "these achievements are the results of everyone's work, re-validating the commitment to work to develop healthy and safe food for the population, as well as working to keep these standards", he added.