Our children visited Caleta Bay

Since we are inspired by the closeness, we are all an important part of our great team and that´s why, in July, we celebrate “The Family Month”, where children of our collaborators went to Caleta Bay.

The meeting was full of laughs and games, we visited our farm sites, processes, where with dynamics, the children took advantage of knowing and discovering what their parents do at the company.

Tomás Silva, son of Deisy Navarrete, member of Confluencia, commented that he liked to participate in this instance, “the most fun was to come and see what my mother does because she always tells us about her work, I am proud”.

Cristopher Yáñez, 15, son of Carlos Yáñez, member of San Antonio, said he was aware of what his father does in CB, “not only my father works here, also my grandfather and my uncle, so I knew about their work. This was a different activity than what we usually do on holidays. My dad had explained to me how they work and what they do here, but I had never come to visit the farm site.”

Joel Aya, who works in Cold Storage, commented that “for our children it´s a new experience, they can also realize the sacrifice that parents make to give them the best”, meanwhile his daughter, Ámbar, said: “I loved coming to the Plant and paint the principles of Caleta Bay, my favorite one is the effort”.