With the tasting of our products and touching words we celebrate our 30 years

It was the official day of Caleta Bay becomes a company, and we prepared one of our homemade recipes, in order to share in each center.

"We all participated, it was a very close activity, the kitcheners felt very good when they prepared the products, this way all share what we ourselves produce," said Franco Wimmer, Head of the Cascajal Center.

Later, with the presence of our ambassadors, collaborators and the Management Team, we celebrated again, this time, at the process plant.

During the celebration, Cristhian Urra, Plant Manager, who was part of Caleta Bay 22 years ago, gave his testimony, commenting that he is very proud, of being part of the company, “I arrived when we only had one center that produced 200Ton, equivalent of two current cages, and now we have grown more than 100 times"," I feel proud because I have seen how the owners and us worked for this and this is a place where our ideas are contributions for the company”.

For his part, Ricardo Badilla, SIG Coordinator, mentioned that "what I liked the most about the celebration was the possibility of interacting with other areas of the company and confirming the sense of identity that we generate in all of us".

Besides, collaborators and directors, shared stories of the beginnings of the company and mentioned these years, have been possible thanks to the effort of each of the members. Congratulations to all of us!