Neighbours of Yates met with Caleta Bay in Punta Iglesias

At Punta Iglesias Center, the second meeting was held with the Yates community, in order to establish a relationship of trust and inform them about our activities and corporate policies.

In Community Development field, meetings with the community are constantly held in order to share, inform and define collaborative work areas. On this occasion, different groups of neighbours of Yates, Punta Iglesias, Río Puelo and members of our team gathered.

During the meeting, Jasimira Hernández from the Río Puelo´s Kindergarten, thanked Caleta Bay for involving the communities. In the same way, Nora Vargas, who is part of the neighbors of Llahuepe and mainly supports local women, pointed out the importance of working together with companies in the area.

On the other hand, Wendy Cheunquemán, President of the Indigenous Community, mentioned that "Caleta Bay has supported us a lot in this path, it is one of the companies with which we are working hand by hand".

Eduardo Más, Manager of Community Development, commented that "with these meetings, we not only reaffirm our commitment but also have good relationships, exchange opinions and work together".