CBM Executives met with our main clients in Asia

The party at Chile Ambassador's residence was held on May 16th, to gather CBM executives and Chile Ambassador, Trade Commissioner of ProChile and our clients.

Total 30 people gathered at the party, and among 20 people was our clients. Dishes and drinks were served for them to enjoy. The party started with Ambassador's toss, followed by the story of the path Caleta Bay.

"We were able to share a pleasant moment with our clients outside working hours, this allows us to increase the bonds of trust and friendship with our customers. As well, the Ambassador with the Director of Prochile, recognized us as a company with a long and successful track record in trout farming, selling and locating our products in the Japanese market", said Patricio Correa, Commercial Manager of Caleta Bay.

On the other hand, Octavio Pérez de Arce, Executive Director, mentioned that "the meeting was very pleasant, with an Ambassador very willing to generate these instances, which are very interesting and productive from the commercial point of view".

“After the party, we have received many appreciations from the invited client guests saying "it was an honor to be at the party", "thank you for the honorable party", says Yasuko Kotani, head of Marketing Caleta Bay Asia.

During the meeting, we tasted our products in many preparations, such as sashimi, baked trout, cold and hot smoked trout.

At the end, the Ambassador mentioned that the celebration was a great success and will be happy to offer his residence for a new event.