We participated in the IV version of Expomar Cochamó

On June 25, at Cochamó, the IV version of the Expomar was held, organized by the Technical Aquaculture Area of the Juan Soler Mandredini School, where Caleta Bay participated along with 16 other entities, among companies of the salmon industry.

During this instance, Caleta Bay and the ONG Canales we signed an agreement with the School, in order to concretize our commitment to collaborate in the establishment's aquaculture career. "These agreements are quite importance for the preservation of the Aquaculture´s area", pronounced, Carolina Díaz, Principal of the school.

The established agreement implies: professional visits, work practices, technical conferences and classes of our professionals for the students of the career. Eduardo Mas, Community Development Manager, commented that "it´s very important for us to concretize what we have been working on and to offer our help to the people of Cochamó. This signature is a way to clarify our commitment".

Also, we participated with a stand with the Human Resources and Technical Area teams, who shared the work of the company in the surroundings with activities for children and tastings of an exquisite Caleta Bay recipe.

Priscila Garcés, a resident of Cascajal, said this is the second time she has participated in this meeting: "I think it's a very fun activity for children and it's also a good opportunity for people to interact and understand what companies do".