Our commitment is more real than ever, now we also belong to the Salmon Social Initiative

Respecting and caring for our environment, building relationships of trust and contributing to local development are the three main aspects of the "ten commandments of Good Practices and Linking with our Communities" of which ones we have become a part.

The Social Salmon Initiative Group is made up of nine industry producing and supplying companies: Australis, Cermaq, AquaChile, Multiexport Foods, Mowi, Camanchaca, Blumar, Cargill and us. Who seek to improve social and environmental standards beyond the current laws and that is why we reaffirm our commitment to a responsible relationship with neighboring communities.

The model of community relations issues it´s as promoting the hiring of local suppliers, with good environmental and social behavior, reporting to emergencies and incidents in time, communicating clearly and permanently and identifying impacts with communities, among others things.