In Caleta Bay we rediscovered our identity

A year ago, from the marketing department, it comes up a need to understand the concept of the Caleta Bay brand. That was, to have a picture of the company in relation to our corporate identity, with the purpose of developing a new image and communication strategy, which will be consistent with who we are and not from what we would like to be.

For this reason, we met with several agencies and we chose to form a team of companies, led by the 10:10 agency, who works on the research for opportunities and solutions to communication problems. And so that later DEO and La Santé, translate the research strategy into a graphic design and a coherent audiovisual and photographic production.

"We chose them because we felt they were the only ones who would say the true to us, and that we will find our weaknesses with them," said Aníbal Pérez de Arce, CEO.

To carry out this survey, the agencies 10:10 and DEO take up an investigation and gathering from social networks, digital media and press, as well as investigating the national and international salmon industry and of course, about us.

"We made different visits to the field where we met and interviewed the workers of Caleta Bay -from the operators to the business associates- and also to the community where they are inserted, everything to understand in depth the work of the company and its impacts. Finally, we conducted an analysis to hit on findings and relevant information to develop and reach the deck of the brand, "said Patricio del Sante, partner of 10:10.

The result of this investigation allowed us to know each other as a company, review our history, mission, vision and values. We are aware that we have many opportunities and we understand that we still have a lot to improve.

"We don´t want this new corporate image will be concibe just like a beautiful marketing campaign, we want to ensure that each of our actions, at all levels and at each stage of the production process, are framed by our values and the philosophy of , YES WE CAN, "says Camila Garcés, Marketing Manager.

The graphic resources that were used to capture all of the above are closely related to the results of the research. For example, the watercolor ,used in our image collections, is a resource that is used ancestrally in Japan - our main export market- This technique is also executed on wáter, like our productive activity, and it represents the human side, and also remember us that once it is drawn, it can´t be deleted and therefore everything we do generates some impact.

On the other hand, the pictures seek to reflect the tasks of daily work in a natural and human way. And our way of communicating will be to transmit the messages through a close, honest and transparent language. This is why at first we will focus on communicating internally, so that we are the first ones to inform ourselves.