All the works and all beings take the brand of time and the place where they have been born.

Caleta Bay born from the initiative and the vision from a family, inspired by a great idea: to bring the best salmon trout beyond our Chilean borders, in order to be known and recognized by people from the most demanding markets in the world.

With a great effort, initiative and passion, the company that was born in 1989, now exports its products to the following markets: Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

The big achievements are derived from the natural result of our constant care and attention towards every detail.

The concern for our environment is not only an aim in Caleta Bay; it's our reason to be.

For this reason, our production systems are characterized by having a minimal impact on the environment, and also, they constantly incorporate innovative technologies and strict quality regulations.


Every dawn is generous in new opportunities. That is why our inspiration and efforts are renewed every day. We have confidence in the future, in the constant challenges and our innovation that allows us to plan our actions to lead the business in the salmon industry.

Because the future is an invitation, to continuous innovation.


In an always changing scenario, we can only set the course and arrive at safe port if we have an unchanging perspective. Because we have solid convictions, our values do not change. We believe in environmental care, constant improvement, social responsibility, and of all, the commitment with our clients.


Where clarity of intentions exists and there is transparency in the actions, purity in the motivations, the confidence grows and the good results multiply. We want to be a real contribution to people’s life quality standards, with products of excellence and respecting the environment integrity.


In Caleta Bay’s evolution, the salmon trout has been an authentic symbol of success in productive and commercial terms. As a result of years of our variety development, we have obtained, in the species improvement, high rates of growth, bigger sizes and resistance to local diseases, silver skin, better color adding, firm texture and suitable infiltration of fat.

Its red - orange meat indeed is highly appreciated by the demanding Japanese market and the whole world consumers, who value specially its firm texture and exquisite flavor, essential characteristics for sushi, especially sashimi.

Likewise, our salmon trout is a food that also can be submitted to a wide range of different recipes; if it is preferred, it can be roasted, grilled, smoked or cooked on salt.


In the recent years, the salmon industry has become highly competitive market due to the increasing quality demands of the consumers in the whole world. In Caleta Bay, we answer to this challenge across a determined commitment with quality.

Our concern about quality spreads from the selection of the breeding species up to the grow technologies, including a rigorous sanitary managing to finally achieve a top product.

This way we can offer our clients a complete line of exclusive products, which are known by their delicious flavor and for contributing to a better health quality, incorporating nutrients that assure low levels of cholesterol, high antioxidant contents, proteins and Omega 3.

These elements reinforce our immunological system, help our blood circulation, improve our brain functions and are an effective contribution to enjoy a good health.


Famous travelers, in all times, have been astonished by the beauty and diversity of our country and it native landscapes.

Among them, one of the most amazing landscapes, by their purity and beauty than are the coasts of the Chilean Patagonia, where life blooms between rivers, lakes, glaciers and oceanic currents.

It is precisely here where Caleta Bay has established his centers of fresh water, with the ideal conditions of oxygenation and temperature for the first phase of production for the salmon trout.

In a similar way, the sea water centers receive the cold waters of Humboldt's current, which contribute exceptional sanitary and productive characteristics for the growth and development for our fish.

The ecosystem equilibrium it’s fundamental to the production and growing of the fish, that´s why is important to us not to tamper with it, maintaining a healthy and sustainable production. The water quality and the rich flora and fauna of the south of our country are transcendental to the growth of our fishes.

Our efforts are focused in protect and maintain the environment adjacent to the fish farms, making constant environmental studies that gives us the knowledge to specifically handle each area of the production.


Lord Cochrane 972, Osorno,
X Región, Chile



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